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Hi, good evening. May I see your passport, please?

Here you are, sir.

Is there any problem with my passport?

Hold on a minute, sir. Let me check it.

Well, this passport is invalid. You must open your luggage and wait a little.

No way! It’s impossible! It’s the new Brazilian passport. It has a different color and a chip ID. It’s authentic.

Let me check again, sir.

Oh! My apologies. It’s really authentic.

Do you have something in those luggages?

Yes, I do. There are 4 notebooks, 5 perfumes, 3 t-shirts, 3 pants and 10 caps.

You must pay for luggage excess plus the taxes rate.

Get in the line, pay the rates and you’ll be released following.

Thank you. I have a question: Do you know if they accept credit card?

Only VISA and American Express.

Great. Thanks again.

Okay. Good night.