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Episódio 8 Aula 4 – Lição 1 – Parte 1

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saiba como utilizar

saiba como utilizar

Diálogo Depósito de Valores no Cofre do Hotel

Good morning. I would like to use your safe.

Yes, sir.

Ok. Fill in this form, please, and sign on the dotted line.


We charge 2 dollars a day to be paid when you check out.

A necklace, a gold watch and two rings.

Excuse-me. I’ll lock them. Here’s your key.

Do I keep the key?

Yes. We have individual lockers here.

What if I lose it?

You’ll have to notify us, but there’s no risk. This key opens your locker, only, and not the safe. Also, we keep a duplicate of your key in the management safe.