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Episódio 8 Aula 3 - Lição 1 - Parte 3

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Diálogo Reserva de Hotel

Good morning. I want to reserve a double room for the next week..

Yes sir. When do you plan to arrive?

On the 3rd.

What kind of room do you want?

A double with private bath and telephone.


No. That's not necessary.

The price per night is 75 dollars, full board.

Full board? What does that mean?

It means room and three meals.


How long are you staying?

Eight nights, exactly.

And what's your name, please?

Sherlock homes.

Could you spell it?

S-h-e-r-l-o-c-k H-o-l-m-e-s.

Can you confirm your reservation before the first?

I'll do that. Thank you.

We'll be waiting for you.