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Thompson: She's a beautiful dancer.

David: I thought I made myself clear.

Thompson: There is one more piece to this I haven't mentioned. I guess I just didn't have the heart. If you stay with her, it not only kills your dreams, it kills hers.

David: What?

Thompson: Elise is about to become one of the most famous dancers in the country and eventually one of the world's greatest choreographers. If she stays with you, she ends up teaching dance to six-year-olds. When you look back at all this, David, just remember we tried to reason with you. I always hear people saying "You can't blame yourself for what happens to other people," but in this case, really, you can. This is what you do, David. This is what you did getting into a bar fight the night you first got elected. What you did to get that embarrassing photo in The New York Post. We give you opportunities other people would kill for and you squander them with impulse. It doesn't take a genius to see Elise isn't exactly helping you with this. It's a sprain, David, but if you stay with her, you'll take away the only thing she ever cared about. It's up to you.

David: It's just a sprain.

Elise: Yeah. The doctor said it´s going to be better in a month or less.

David: That's totally unexpected.

Elise: I'm so relieved.

David: Great. Great. You're such a great dancer, and you'll heal up and just get better and better. I'm going to go make a couple phone calls.

Elise: Okay.

David: I'm so happy for you

Richardson: It's done. Thompson finished it.

Harry: I know.

Richardson: You can't let it get to you like it did with his family. This is the job.

Harry: You ever wonder if it's right? I mean, if it's always right?

Richardson: Not like I used to. Look, Chairman has the plan. We only see part of it.

David: I was talking to some friends of ours over in Monroe County this morning, and I said something to them that I think a lot of you may have heard me say before, but it bears repeating.

Reporter: David Norris, who has spent the last two days campaigning in the Tri-Lakes area received some welcome news yesterday when the latest New York Times poll gave him a 16-point lead over his opponent less than a month before election day. Since his announcement 11 months ago, Norris has had a significant lead…

David: Hi. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Yeah, thank you. I need it. Thank you. Who should I make it out to?

Woman: My nephew, Miles.

David: There you go. Thank you so much. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Thank you. My pleasure. Pleasure. Can we get a picture with you? Sure, come on. Thank you. Thanks.

Charlie: Hey. I want to show you this, because you would find out eventually. I want to be here when you do.

Paper: The show’s choreographer, and lead dancer Elise Sellas, Adrian Troussant, are partners on and offstage and plan to marry next week in New York.

David: She's getting married to that guy she was engaged to.

Charlie: You okay?

David: I think I'm going to…

Charlie: Take a day off. Hell, take a couple. We're 16 points up.

David: Yeah, even I can't blow a lead that big.

Waitress: Congressman, good to see you again. Your friend just left you this. He said you would be stopping by.

David: Why do you wanna see me?

Harry: Thompson was lying when he said you couldn't be with Elise because she brings out your reckless side.

David: Then why? Why do they care so much?

Harry: Because she's enough, David. If you have her, you won't need to fill that void inside of you with applause and votes and dreams of one day making it to the White House. That's important, but it´s not the only thing that matters.

David: Why are you so different from them?

Harry: Your dad was a very smart man. He could have been a lot more. Wanted to be. Your brother, too. But the plan didn't call for it.

David: What about my mother?

Harry: That wasn't me. That wasn't us at all.

David: It was just chance?

Harry: I'm sorry.

David: You know, Thompson is not lying. They're already talking about me being a presidential candidate. I'm phoning in my speeches and I'm 16 points up.

Harry: The public loves you.

David: Before I met Elise, that's all I cared about. I don't even notice it now. I can't stop thinking about her. Do you know where she's getting married?

Harry: In front of a judge tomorrow morning.

David: Is she happy?

Harry: Thompson won't let you anywhere near her. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever.

David: Harry. Is she happy? I got to try and get her back. Will you help me? Will you just help me get to her?

Harry: They'll sense you coming a mile away.

David: What if I could move as fast as you? Teach me about the doors.

Harry: The rain will stop in the next hour, and that's the only thing keeping them from seeing us right now. If we're going to do this, we'll need all night to do it and a place surrounded by water to do it in. Always turn the doorknob clockwise.

David: What happens if I turn it the other way?

Harry: You don't want to do that. That's only for us. Put your hand on my shoulder and don't let go until we cross the threshold.

David: Are these ever locked?

Harry: Not when you´re wearing one of our hats. Keep moving, David.

David: Is this…

Harry: It's the Museum of Modern Art.

David: Yeah.

Harry: Close the door. This is the city's main pumping Station for downtown Manhattan. We're 10 blocks from the courthouse. Wait here.

Elise: Hi, is the floor open?

Recepcionist: You okay, sweetie?

Elise: Yeah, I just… I just feel like being on the floor.

Harry: Lower Manhattan is layer upon layer of substrate. That's what we call the doors that have been added over time. Makes it a lot more complex to navigate downtown than it is uptown and a lot slower. Your destination, 60 Centre Street, Courtroom 300. There are thousands of different ways to get to the courthouse using the doors. I want you to learn how to stay in the substrate so Thompson won't be able to get a fix on you.

David: Okay. Just south of the diner, it's a red door. I come out on Broadway, right by Leonard Street.

Harry: That's good. Keep going.

David: From Leonard, half a block down

Harry: Okay, suppose Thompson's there?

David: Okay, I go east to Lafayette.

Harry: No, it's Crosby Street there.

David: Eight doors? I'm zigzagging all over the place that will take me too long.

Harry: But every time you go through a door, their plan books will lose track of you, so it's safer. Look, I need you to understand this has never been done before. So, the minute you go through that first door, all hell will break loose. Assume everyone with a hat on is a threat. I don't care if it's a Yankee cap, a bowler, or even a yarmulke. Assume everyone in a hat is working with Thompson.

David: Even you guys can't get through the doors without your hats on, right?

Harry: Right.

David: It's one of the ways the Chairman limits our power.

Harry: Water is another way.

David: And you said before, what if Thompson's in front of me on Crosby Street?

Harry: Right.

David: Why don't I just knock the hat off his head and then run by him before he has time to pick it up?

Harry: That's good, improvisation. We have trouble with that.

David: The fastest way is actually if I go right for the blue door.

Harry: Yeah, but then you're exposed the entire way there. That's a lot more dangerous than leapfrogging through doors.

David: But if I make it, I'll take them completely by surprise.

Harry: If you make it. Come on, we have a lot more to get through.

David: Whatever it takes.

Harry: Your father used to say that.

David: I guess you're not supposed to identify with your subjects. You're not supposed to feel guilt.

Harry: We're not built to lead with our emotions like you are, but that doesn't mean we don't have them.

David: Some more than others.