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Episódio 8 Aula 3 - Lição 2 - Parte 3

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Diálogo Confirmação de Reserva de Hotel

Good afternoon. I'd like to confirm my reservation for next Wednesday, 3(three).

What's your name, sir?

S h e r l o c k H o l m e s.

Yes. You have booked a single room with private bath and telephone for eight days

It's a double.



I´ll have to check the occupancy chart. Yes, there´s a room available, fortunately. We must have made a mistake.

Also, we'll be extending our stay for another week.

Ok. That's no problem.

Thank you goodbye.

Just one more thing. When do you intend to arrive?

In the evening, for sure.

Your reservation is confirmed.

I would like to confirm the price per day, too.

It's the same we quoted to you. 75 dollars.