Contracenando com os Atores de Hollywood

Episódio 3 Aula 2 - Lição 4

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David: No, he knew the number I was thinking of, the color.

Harry: Because he set it up as a choice. Choose a color, choose a number.
We can't read your mind or hear your thoughts. When you make a decision, your mind weighs options.
We can perceive them. We know when you're going to go off the plan or not because if we're close enough, we can sense when it's going to happen.
We're just here to keep you on plan. That's all we're authorized to do.

David: Are you allowed to be telling me this stuff? Are they following me now?

Harry: We have to monitor the entire world. We don't have the manpower to follow everyone all the time.
And there is something about water. It blocks our ability to read your decision tree.

David: Are you an angel?

Harry: We've been called that. We're more like case officers who live a lot longer than humans.

David: Why are you helping me?

Harry: I have my reasons.

David: And why won't they let me be with Elise?

Harry: All I know is the amount of resources they've used keeping you from her is pretty damn important to them.
You're going to look for her, aren't you? You won't find her.
They'll make sure of it. Even if they weren't trying to stop you, there are nine million people in this city.
You'll never find her. Forget about her. Move on with your life.

David: Stop! Stop the bus! Elise? Elise, hi.

Elise: David.

David:You know, I rode the M6 to work every day for three years hoping that I'd bump into you.
Listen, is there a place we could go and talk?

Elise: Don't you have to get to work or something?

David: I just got sick.

Elise: "I haven't seen you in three years, you make me sick." That's not an ideal come-on, just so you know. What are you looking for?

David: I felt like someone was watching us. Hey, Charlie, I'm going to have to skip breakfast,
and I probably have to postpone the speech, too. I just bumped into Elise.

Elise: You just hung up on your friend.

David: We've known each other since we were kids.

Elise: What speech?

David: It doesn't matter. You want to take a walk?

Elise: No.

David: We have a lot to catch up on.

Elise: I don't think you should cancel your speech. What if I don't like you at the end of our walk?

David: I'll take my chances.

Elise: Seriously, my number hasn't changed, just call me like you didn't last time.

David: Look, if you take a walk with me, I'll explain why.

Elise: It's been years. How do you know I don't have a nice boyfriend?

David: Do you have a nice boyfriend?

Elise: Would it matter if I did?

David: Yeah.

Elise:So you don't have any real conviction then?

David: Okay, it wouldn't matter at all.

Elise: So, you don't mind being a home-wrecker?

Man: Congressman! How are you doing, man? I'm from Red Hook. You're the best.

David: Thank you. Good to see you. If you were married, then it would bother me.

Elise: But now you're just saying what you think I wanna hear. I'm single.
Now let's hear your bullshit excuse for not calling me.

David: I didn't have your number.

Elise: I gave it you on the bus. Handed it to you.

David: I was mugged. It was taken from me.

Elise: No, come on.

David: My wallet was taken.

Elise: Come on.

David: Why else would I fawn all over you on a bus three years ago and then never call you?

Elise: Because, I don't know! You have a girlfriend and you felt terrible.

David: Listen, I swear to you that I did not have your number.

Elise: All right.

David: No. On my parents' graves.

Elise: That's heavy.

David: No. On my parents' graves.

David: That's too heavy, I know, but it's true. I didn't have your number.
And I didn't even have a last name to go by. If you google just "Elise", you get 757,000 hits.

Elise: You did not.

David: And none of them are you.

Elise: You did not.

Man: We have a problem.

Richardson: What?

Man: David Norris is off plan.

Richardson: Son of a bitch. How did he find her?

Man: Chance. Just spotted her on the street.

Richardson: We never should have let him meet her in the first place.

Man: We followed protocol to the letter.

Richardson: Guy rides the same bus every day for three years. Who does that?
Three years later, I'm still cleaning up your mess. Let's cut the power at her dance studio.

Elise: I'm a dancer.

David: Oh.

Elise: Not like that, you pervert. I'm in a contemporary ballet company

David: I think you have the wrong idea about me.

Elise: No, I think that was the first thing that crossed your mind, actually.

David:I think you should invite me to one of your performances.

Elise: The company is called Cedar Lake, and there is actually a show tomorrow night, if you want.

David: Is that an invitation?

Elise: No, it's information.

Agent:We're covering the girl's artistic director and we're still working on Charlie Traynor.

Richardson: This whole thing will be over in an hour.

Elise: Hi, how are you?

David: Paul, right?

Paul (waiter): How did you remember that?

David: I'm a politician, I'm good with names.

Agent:Her decision tree is diverging from our models.

Paul (waiter): It's just the two of you?

David: Yes.

Richardson: Thirty-six hours without contact, she'll never speak to him again. Look at her file.
It's the last thing in the world she'll put up with.

Agent: No, something's wrong. I'm already seeing inflection points.

Elise: You okay?

David: Yeah.

Agent: We're in motion on changing the location of her rehearsal.

Elise: You have to be born with the right body like very flexible hips and shoulders and long neck.

David: And you weren't?

Elise: No, I was. I was lucky. But after 15 years of that precision and the training…

Waitress: How is everything over here?

David: It's great. Thank you.

Elise: It's good, thank you. So, I wanted to try something else just on my own, open-ended and human, I guess.

Woman: What do you mean?

Agent: Look.

Richardson: What's this?

Agent: If they kiss.

Richardson: A kiss? That's all it takes?

Agent: A real kiss. If that happens, every possible adjustment strong enough to break them up will cause ripples over your limit.

Elise: I think that everything you go through in life should come out in the way that you dance.

David: I haven't found that to be the case with my dancing.

Elise: It's a shame.

Charlie: David, hate to interrupt.

Elise: Hi.

Charlie: Hi, nice to see you again, Elise.

David:How did you find me?

Charlie: Does it matter?

Richardson: Nice work.

Charlie: David, there's a crowd of people waiting for your announcement speech at the Brooklyn Bridge right now

Elise: You're announcing today? You can't skip this for me.

David: I know. I told you I'm not going to let you out of my sight.

Charlie: David, what the hell? Do you wanna come?

David: You wanna watch?

Elise: No. I can't, I have to go and rehearse.
Actually, I just heard that they're moving my rehearsal to Pier 17, right next to the bridge.

Elise: No, David, come on, you can't do that.

Charlie: Thank you.

Elise: You have to go.

Charlie: Check.

Charlie: David, she's rehearsing so close. It'll take you three minutes to get there after the speech.

David: All right.

Elise: Just come over when you're done.

Charlie: Keep the change. Thank you.

Richardson: Have Charlie's aide call him now.

David: Are you sure you don't want a ride?

Elise: No, I have to go home and change. You're so late. Your friend is about to cry.

Charlie: I'm wrangling him right now. Yeah, I know.

Agent: Shifting her rehearsal to Pier 17 was a genius move.

Richardson:We're not out of the woods yet.

Elise: Come over when you're done.

Charlie: David.

Elise: Okay.

Charlie: Sorry, the TV crew is there. We got to go, man.

Richardson: We're okay.

David: Look, whatever happens, I'm not going to let anything come between us again.

Elise: Okay.

David: I'll see you soon. Hey, how you doing? Thank you. Appreciate it. How are you?
Thanks a lot. Good to see you, too. Thank you. I have to say, it's good to be back in Brooklyn.
There's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not…

Agent: It's done.

David: …I would run for a Senate seat here in the state of New York.
I came here today to put an end to that speculation and to tell you, unequivocally,
I will seek the Senate seat for the great state of New York.

Crowd: David! David!

Elise: Shit.

Charlie: Don't forget, I added the bankers' group after The Daily Show tomorrow. Are you listening to me? David?

Richardson: I cannot get a break on this case.

David: Okay. I gotta get to Pier 17.

Charlie: Do the interview and you can do whatever you want.

David: Just handle the interviews for me. I'll talk to those guys…

Charlie: David, this has got to go on the nightly news.

David: I got to see Elise right now.

Charlie: David! Every time we get close, you do something to mess this up.

David: This is different.

Telephonist: City, please?

David: Manhattan.

Telephonist: What listing?

David: Cedar Lake. It's a dance company.

Telephonist: Connecting.

Agent: He's going to ask the parking attendant to use the hard line.

Richardson: I already killed it.

David: Excuse me, can I use your phone? I have an emergency.

Richardson: Restaurant across the street. Mmm-hmm. I took out everything for three blocks.
This guy is a pain in the ass. Come on, let's go talk to him.
There is a whole world of women out there. I thought we established this one was off limits.

David: It's been a while, I must have forgotten.

Richardson:Doesn't change the fact.

David: You put us together three times.

Richardson: That wasn't us, that was just chance.

David: Why do you want to keep us apart?

Richardson: Because the plan says so.

David:Then you misread the plan.

Richardson: There is no misreading the plan when it comes to you and Elise.

David:Then the plan is wrong.

Richardson: Do you know who wrote it?

David: I don't care.

Richardson: You should. You should really show a little respect.

David: If I'm not supposed to be with her, how come I feel like this?

Richardson: It doesn't matter how you feel. What matters is what is in black and white.

David: You don't know why I'm not supposed to be with her, do you?
That's why you can't tell me. You don't know.

Richardson: Who is this guy? Uh-oh.

David: Excuse me, everyone. Sorry to disturb your lunch. It's an emergency.
Has anyone here ever seen a performance at the Cedar Lake Ballet Company?
The Cedar Lake Ballet Company?

Man: Yeah, I have.

David: Where is it?

Richardson: Son of a bitch.

David: Hey, taxi. Hey! Taxi! Hey! Taxi!

Richardson: Maybe you should try the subway.

David: Don't all these taxies you're diverting have plans, too?
How long you going to keep that up? Twenty minutes? An hour?
Wow, the ripples must just be endless. I don't care what you put in my way, I'm not giving up.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Taxi! Hey! You all right? You okay?

Taxi driver: What happened?

David: You got hit. Are you okay?

Taxi driver: I think so.

David: Don't move. You all right? Hello, I just witnessed an accident on the corner of Water and Dover Street.

Officer: Unfortunately, you're the only witness, Congressman.

David: But we did this three times already.

Officer: I just need a few more details.

David: Oh, I see. You're not even a cop, are you?
You're one of them.

Officer: Calm down.

David: Okay. Someone could have been killed.

Officer: Sir, if you would just calm down.

David: Hey, Sergeant. Hi. Sorry, excuse me, I know you need a statement from me,
but do I need to stay here or can I do it over the phone?

Officer: Sir, if you would just calm down.

Sergeant: No, sir, we know how to get in touch with you.

David: Okay. Now, is this man under your command?Never mind. Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey! You want to make a quick 100 bucks? You're going to have to break a couple of traffic laws.
All right, 26th and 10th. It's a ballet company called Cedar Lake. Go through that.

Man: Look out!

David: Watch it. This is going to keep happening, just go through.

Richardson: Son of a bitch! Set a traffic jam on Broadway.

Agent: Too many ripples.

Richardson: He's getting out of range.

Agent: I don't know what to do with this.
You're reaching your limit.

Woman: Hey! Excuse me.

Richardson: Two down. Two down.
Oh, shit! Next one. I hate downtown. Sorry.