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Speaker: Let's welcome our favorite alumnus, and the next senator from the state of New York, David Norris!

David: Thank you. Thank you. Well, hi, there. My name is David Norris, and I'd like to be the next senator from the great state of New York. Look at you. What's your name? I'm going to go through Yonkers, door to door and take the city that way.

Man: We love you.

Reporter: The recent endorsement by the fire fighter's union is another boost to Norris who already had a six-point lead over his opponent, Roger Linfield.

Reporter 2: Whenever I see you on C-Span, and you stand, I always think you're about to go, "Chug!" Congressman, you certainly started your career off, eight years ago, with a bang or should I say, a bust.

Speaker: For the last eight years, David Norris has represented Brooklyn, NYC and America.

David: This is my campaign chairman, Charlie Traynor. These are voters.

Charlie: Latest polls have you up 10 points.

David: We're 10 points up? This is not going to be easy getting there. I have some real opposition, and what they're saying about me is that I'm too young to hold this office.

David: Okay, you got it. Thank you, Gary. But that's okay because these are the same people who say that young people don't vote, young people don't care about politics, but I'm here to tell you, your future is about your choices, not theirs.
So, today I'd like to put them on notice because come November, I want them to know that it was young people like you, who kicked their asses.

Crowd: David! David!

David: Thank you.

Men: Charlie.

Charlie: What's wrong?

Harry: Yeah?

Man: Any ideas?

Harry: I'm working on it.

Man: Keep me posted.

Harry: Yeah.

Man: David Norris, until recently, he was way ahead in the polls. Mary Matalin and James Carville are here.
Mary, this is a surprise still.

Mary: It is a surprise. Such political promise. This compelling story, he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn. He overcame the loss of his entire family, his mom and his brother when he was 10, his father before he got to high school, he got over that. He had such promise.

Man: And he was the youngest person ever elected to the House of Representatives. Yeah, he was elected when he was actually 24 but he gets in a bar room fight the night that he's elected. I kind of liked it, all right Then you have this photo coming out of the New York Post. I think the accretion of this stuff was just too much for the voters. It reeked of some level of immaturity here of impulsiveness.

Mary: People want maturity, they want adults in Congress.

Richardson: Big night for us, gentlemen. Everybody ready? You look exhausted. You should take a vacation when all this is finished. You've earned it.

Harry: I'm not sure the kind of tired I am can be fixed by a vacation.

Richardson: Everybody needs a vacation, even us. All right, let's get him back on track.

TV: Mary, over the past couple of weeks since the photo came out, they thought people…

Charlie: Why are you still watching CNN?

TV: That it wasn't such a big deal, but clearly it was.

Charlie: They called this way too early. Come on. Put on your pretty little tie and let's go.

Man: Suffolk County numbers, Linfield, 415. 120. And Norris… 370. 233.

Charlie: Well… I really thought we'd win Suffolk.

Woman: Kings County just came in, too.

Charlie: Well…

David: I didn't win Brooklyn.
It's going to be a blow out.

Woman: NBC has us up next.

David: I'm going to go work on my speech.

Charlie: David… David. Hey!

David: I'm sorry I wasted your time, Charlie.

Reporter: NBC news is now calling the election for Roger Linfield. After a shockingly poor showing at both Suffolk County, and his home county, Kings, it now appears David Norris will lose this election badly.

David: Hello? Hello?
I grew up in Red Hook, and I don't want to surprise anybody, but I got into a few fistfights along the way. It's not whether or not you get knocked down, it's what you do when you get back up.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here tonight to tell you I will get back up. But tonight is not about me.
It is about coming together and welcoming the newest senator for the great state of New York, Roger Linfield.

Elise: Shit! Shit, shit, shit.

David: Hello? It's the men's.

Elise: Yep. Sorry about that.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I just didn't know what to do.
I heard you come in and say, Hello, and I probably should have said, hi, but then I thought that would be weird because it's the men's.
Then you started talking to yourself and it was obviously very personal. So I was stuck in no man's land, and then it all got to be too much, so I came out.

David: What are you doing in here?

Elise: Just… I'm hiding from security.

David: Why?

Elise: I crashed a wedding upstairs

David: People still do that?

Elise: It was a dare.

David: Who dared you to crash a wedding?

Elise: Me.

David: Oh. I crashed a wedding once.

Elise: Did you?

David: Yeah, in high school.

Elise: Oh.

David: But I got caught. I spent the night in jail.

Elise: I think that happened more than once from what I heard. You're that guy running for Senate, aren't you?

David: Yeah, I am that guy.

Elise: And judging from your speech, you're not winning?

David: No.

Elise: Oh. That's too bad, the other guy is such a tool.

David: He is a tool. I wish I could have made that clearer in the campaign ads.

Elise: Personally, I think mooning your friends at a college reunion is no big deal.

David: The Post did not have to run the photo.

Elise: At least not a full page.

David: God, no.

Elise: It was my favorite moment of your whole campaign.

David: Really? I could have used you on my team a couple of months ago.

Elise: I could help poll test every word that comes out of your mouth before you say it.

David: Oh, you like politicians?

Elise: I like it when they do stuff I can relate to.

David: Like pull their pants down?

Elise: I love that.

David: See, that kind of candidate wouldn't even get elected to the student council.

Elise: My guy would know how to tie his own tie.

David: It's a clip-on.

Elise: Oh, I wish. That would have been my other favorite moment of your campaign.
Do you still have a chance? Is it over?

David: He crushed me.

Elise: Sorry.

David: Well, losing has its advantages.

Elise: Like what?

David: For one thing, as a politician, you're never really alone unless you're asleep, or in the bathroom usually.
That gets old.

Elise: Really?

David: Yeah, I guess I'm mostly just looking forward to having some time by myself.

Elise: I don't buy it.
I think you love it.

David: Do I know you? I guess I could have been more convincing.

Elise: Okay.
You don't have to worry about being convincing till the next election.

David: Are you a registered New York voter?

Elise: Do I sound like I am?

David: Holy shit.

Charlie: David.
Oh. Wow, sorry, guys. Sorry.

Elise: I gotta go. Sorry.

Charlie: Wow.

David: Hang on.

Charlie: You going to give your speech?

David: Hang on. Hey! Hey.

Security: Ma'am.

Elise: I gotta go.

Security: Ma'am?

Elise: That is so much better.

Security: She's on the move. Southwest staircase. Excuse me? Ma'am.

Charlie: What was that?

David: I don't know.

Charlie: Are you ready?

David: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: All right, go do the speech. Come on.

Speaker: Congressman David Norris.

David: I grew up not far away from here, in Red Hook.

People: Brooklyn! I love you, David!

Woman: I love you more!

David: I love you both. But we had a rule in my neighborhood.
When you got in a fight, it wasn't whether or not you got knocked down, it's what you do when you get back up.
And I came here to tell you tonight, that I will get back up. It's bullshit. We didn't have that saying in my neighborhood.
It's just one of those phrases that had some traction with the focus group and so we kept using it, but it's not true.
In 1998, I did a cover story for GQ. The title was Youngest Congressman Ever.
And since then, every story has tried to explain how I got here so fast. And the word that people kept using was "authentic."
But here's the problem. This isn't even my tie. Go get Jim for me. This tie was selected for me by a group of specialists in Tenafly, New Jersey who chose it over 56 other ties we tested.
In fact, our data suggests that I have to stick to either a tie that is red or a tie that is blue. A yellow tie made it look as if I was taking my situation lightly, and I may in fact, pull my pants down again at any moment.
A silver tie meant that I'd forgotten my roots. My shoes… You know, shiny shoes, we associate with high-priced lawyers and bankers.
If you want to get a working man's vote, you need to scuff up your shoes a little bit.
But you can't scuff them up so much that you alienate the lawyers and the bankers because you need them to pay for the specialists back in Tenafly.
So, what is the proper scuffing amount? Do you know we actually paid a consultant $7,300…
Was it $7,300, Charlie?

Charlie: Nice. What an asshole.

David: $7,300, for a consultant to tell us that this is the perfect amount of scuffing.

Richardson: He has to spill his coffee on his 7:05 at the latest.

Harry: I'll get him as soon as he enters the park.

Richardson: Can't imagine being on this guy as long as you have.

TV: …for energy efficient technologies. RSR Venture Capital announced yesterday that former Congressman David Norris, would become a senior partner.
Norris led an unsuccessful bid for Senate last month.
But his concession speech was considered, by many, to be electrifying and has made him the obvious front runner in the 2010 Senate race. Investment banker Charles Traynor founded RSR, one of the country's most successful venture capital firms.
Traynor is a childhood friend of Norris' and was the Chairman of his Senate campaign.

David: Hey!

Charlie: Hey. Tom Frankel from The Journal is calling you in five minutes. I just gave him this number.

David: Give him 3-2-2-7. I'm not used to this phone yet.

Charlie: No, I can't. He's going to ask you about joining the firm.
All business calls have to be done on a company Blackberry

David: Really?

Charlie: Sarbanes-Oxley, you voted for it, pal. In fact, you co-sponsored that one.

David: Yeah, I remember. Hey, I just saw you on TV.

Charlie: Really?

David: Yeah.

Charlie: What did they say?

David: You're bald.

Charlie: Nice.

David: Yeah, it was weird, too, because it was a financial show. But they were really just kind captivated by your receding hairline.

Charlie: I gotta go, you jack-off.

David: Bye.

Man: Congressman. I have to tell you, I really admire what you did last month.

David: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Man: I wish there were more politicians like you.

David: Thank you. I'm retired now. I had to go get a real job.

Man: You'll do well.

David: Thank you.

Harry: Hey!